Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fashion is Religion

Protography by: Spencer Corpuz
 (Sweater - Forever21; Leggings - Forever21; Heels - JeffreyCampbell; Locket - ThingsRemembered; Sunnies - CrossroadsTradingCo.; Wallet- Target; Bow - NewLook; Rings - H&M)

At last, I have updated my blog!! The past 3 weeks have been absolutely hectic. I moved halfway across the world, started college, and met some crazy awesome people. What do I think of London so far? Well, it’s a pretty nice city, but I think that nowhere can replace San Francisco in my heart. No where. Plus London is SO expensive!! Coming from SF, the 3rd most expensive city in America, I thought I’d be able to adjust better than most, but no. It takes me $8 to wash one load of laundry when I could have easily spent $2 at my local Laundromat. The H&M and F21 here are also crazy expensive. It’s quite hard to find deals, but I was lucky enough to attend the Motel Rocks Autumn Sample Sale, where I found one pair of pants and three tops for a grand total of……..only £24! (Usually you can only get one thing with £24)

Despite the price of everything, I was fortunate enough to have been stuck with awesome flatmates! Just 3 days of meeting each other, and I felt like we’ve known each other for a whole semester already. My roomies, Ingrid and Tara, specifically are the sweetest people ever. Ingrid makes me omelettes and chicken, and Tara made me toast and shares her jacket with me! Even though, my boyfriend isn’t here to take care of me physically anymore, I know I can always trust my roomies to keep me fed and safe if anything happened.

Last night my flatmates and a whole lot of other NYU kids and I went to a Steve Aoki concert at some club, and it was crazyyy. Fist fights, pervy guys, pick-pocketers, sweat and body odor, and a whole lot of unnecessary pushing. Our ticket said the show would start at 11pm, but Steve Aoki wasn’t even going to perform until 2:30am! Can you believe how bored I was? Yes, I could have danced to the techno music that was playing those 3.5 hours, but I don’t like techno or grope-y strangers, so I opted to just lay down on the couch with Tara. LOL A worker thought I was sick or something, and asked if I was alright. I’m considering to never go to a British club again…BUT the night could have ended worse, thank the heavens, my group of friends didn’t get anything stolen unlike the other NYU students =/

Anyways jumping to the photo shoot!… I found a classmate who was willing to take pictures of me! Photography is his hobby, and apparently he lives like 10 minutes south of San Francisco, so of course we have that connection to click with. =) Since college has so much work and clothes is expensive and I MAY have gotten a fashion internship (didn’t get back to me after my interview yet), we aim to take pics once a week. So stay tuned!

Whew! There are just way too many stories to fit into this one blog post! Anyways, I hope you like this outfit, and once again, follow me on Instagram @fabulouslybold because I’m taking bombass pictures here in London! =)


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  4. Wow great outfit!!! I really like your shoes!! :)

    xo - Sheila

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  8. Nice outfit!
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  9. I love that sweater <3 though I can never pull off those leggings, love it!


  10. fab look! love the bright pattern and Litas are lovely!

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  11. Love this outfit, you look so cool!

  12. Very chic photos!
    Love those pants!

    London is fantastic,
    but indeed very expensive! xx

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