Monday, December 31, 2012

Trespassing the End

Photography by: Cory Chen
(Top - Primark; Bra - PunkyFish; Pants - MotelRocks; Bag - Forever21; Skull Bracelet - TopShop; Necklace - ThingsRemembered)

Hey, guys! Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m finally back from London! I’ve missed San Francisco so much. London kinda sucks. 1) Everything is way too expensive, and food portions are tiny. 2) The weather is way too cold for me to wear cute clothes. 3) The culture and people are somewhat boring.

Now that I’m back. I’m hoping to squeeze in a few blog posts before I have to head back across the pond in another 2-3 weeks. I’m sorry I haven’t updated since September but college is actually harder than I imagined. I went from writing 2-3 essays in a semester to 13 essays! I feel like all my spare time is spent catching up on my Z’s. =( Plus it’s super duper cold and sun-less so it just de-motivates me from dragging someone outside to go take pictures for me =/

But there was a plus side to London. Since there wasn’t a Forever21 near my school, I had to find somewhere else cheap to buy my clothes. I found PRIMARK! Primark is supposedly the British equivalence of Forever21, but I disagree. All the British people say that Primark stuff disintegrates in the wash because it’s so cheap, but it’s definitely higher quality than Forever21 things. This top I’m wearing for this shoot is a light, sheer material. I’ve worn it quite a number of times already, but it still looks really good. Usually a Forever21 top of this similar fabric would have wrinkled and deformed. Primark is probably one of the best things I’ve experienced in London. The store’s like 4-5 stories high with men’s, children’s, women’s, shoes, and home/miscellaneous products. It’s definitely overwhelming shopping there at first, but if you’re a true shopaholic, it’ll soon become your favorite place to be! Haha. If you’re ever visiting London, do drop by!

2012 is ending. It wasn’t apocalyptic, but many people think it was a bad year. 2013 will be a brand new start. Do you guys have any New Year’s resolutions? Lose weight? Find a lover? Do better in school? Well, I, for one, can’t think of a concrete resolution. I should probably aim to get to class early, but that’s a goal made to fail. I also want to tone up my abdomen but I’m too lazy to exercise. Hmmm I’ll tell you guys when I think of one!

In the meantime, you should follow me on Instagram. I update that a lot more than I do here =) Hope to see you there!


  1. It's great to see you back blogging again! Primark is fantastic, I agree! Good luck for the New Year!

  2. Amazing outfit.. I love everything about it!

    Would you like to follow each other?


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