Thursday, June 28, 2012

A City Within A City

Photography by: Cory Chen

(Tank - DIY Forever 21, Leggings - Foreign Exchange, Heels - Nine West, Shades - Urban Outfitters)

So after like 3 days being stuck at home, I finally went out, which means you guys get a new OOTD post! Yayyy! Today, my boyfriend and I went to Chinatown, where we visited the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory!! It was pretty cool to see how fortune cookies are made because I tried making fortune cookies before at home, but it was a failure :( came out like bread..Anyways, I bought a whole bag of unfolded cookies for $5 for  my mom buuuut my boyfriend was addicted to it and ate like half LOL 

Anyways, we went to the Cable Car Museum after that, which was FREE!! Woooot! Did you know that the cable cars in San Francisco move by the rotating wheels and cables under ground?? I though that was pretty crazy. I have so much San Francisco pride haha! 

Anyways here, I'm wearing a pretty dark outfit which is a bit uncommon since I usually have a bright something in my outfit. The tie-front tank was DIY. I just cut a slit up the middle of the shirt and voila! You get a tie-front tank! :) 
You can't see it in this picture but my leggings are made out of suede which is quite interesting. I absolutely LOVE the little light grey lines on the side of them, makes them look modern! 

Going shopping tomorrow! So cuter outfits coming soon!

White Tee / Black Skirt Basic

This post is in response to a competition on Joyful Outfits. You should definitely check her out! For someone so young, she really has honed in on great fashion taste! Anyways, for this competition, she wanted to see how we style an outfit with the basic essentials to a closet -- a white T-shirt and a black skirt. 

Just because you are wearing a plain old white tshirt and a simple black skirt, it doesn't have to be boring. This is how I would style my outfit to liven it up. Neon is making a comeback as a trend, and as a bold kind of girl, this is one trend I give the thumbs up for!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo Contest

Hey, all my readers! So I've entered a photo contest the other day hosted by a blog. Whoever's photo gets the most votes gets to be featured on the blog hosting the contest! I'm currently in second place! So I was wondering if you can do me a huge favor and support me by:

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Thank You So Much!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dressing up Mint


I haven't posted OOTD in awhile because I've been pretty lazy staying at home plus I haven't gone shopping in awhile, buuuut I will be going shopping on Friday! I can't wait! I really, really need a pair of Litas and some strappy sandals with a small heel. I've been pretty much wearing the same two pairs of shoes for practically a whole damn year -- combat boots & toms. 

Anyways, to keep you guys entertained, I played on Polyvore for a bit today, and this is what I created!

This season I've been seeing mint everywhere! So I decided to make 3 outfits that all includes mint. I'm not really a pastel person because my own personality seems too loud for that soft color, but this is how I would style my outfit if I liked pastels LOL 

I hope I helped give you some ideas on how to dress up mint! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pier 39

Photography by: Cory Chen
(Sweater - Forever21; Collared Top - Forever21; Necklace - Forever21; Corduroy Pants - Forever21; Flats - Aldo; Braided Belt - Target)

So yesterday was my boyfriend and I's 17th month-a-versary! (Yes, we still celebrate it by the month. Sue me!) So to celebrate, we went to Purple Kow, an asian tapioca drink place, where we had to wait 45 damn minutes in line before we got our drinks! And guess what?! I realized that I forgot to ask for tapioca after we drove off! Oh my god. Anyways, from then we drove all the way to the top of Twin Peaks, where we saw all of SF at night! It was cold as hell, but it was really a sight to behold. Checked that off our list!

As for today, we went to the Aquarium of the Bay at Fishermen's Wharf, where we touched sting rays, sharks, starfish, anemones and sea cucumbers! That was pretty cool! Checked that off our list! Next we walked down Pier 39, to go visit the sea lions at the end. Unfortunately, there were only like 10. When I was a kid there were at least a hundred lying on the wooden rafts, but they've all disappeared elsewhere.. well, checked that off our list too!! We've been getting pretty productive on our list of 103 Things to Do in SF! YAY!

By the way, here in my pictures, you can see Alcatraz Island behind me! I still need to go there this summer, except it's pretty expensive…=/ Darn being an unemployed teenager. 

What I'm wearing here is something I like to think is "boy-inspired". I wish I had a bow tie to complete the collared-shirt-blue-sweater look, but I had to make do with a statement necklace. Off to go get a bow tie~

Do you think royal blue is my color? ;D

Monday, June 18, 2012


(Sweater - Forever21; Dress - H&M; Scarf - H&M; Backpack - Fion; Boots - UrbanOutfitters)

So today, my boyfriend, younger sister, and I decided to go visit the De Young Museum so we can check out the Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Exhibit! But guess what? I, of course, messed up, and apparently the museum is closed on Mondays. That was a huge let down because, well, I was so excited to see the FASHION exhibit! So instead, we braved the cold, foggy weather and traversed through the Botanical Garden nearby to look at the turtles. And guess what? The turtles didn't even come up to the surface! They only poked their small heads out of the surface occasionally. Plus, the pond water was so murky that we couldn't see anything else. Either way we crossed "look for turtles in the pond at the San Francisco Botanical Garden" off our 103 Things to Do in SF list! So woot! The best part of my day was probably buying some $10 white circular sunglasses at Crossroad Trading Company! They look pretty cheap but they'll do for now! :) 

Here, I'm wearing something super casual. It's something that I would probably where to school, since it's practical and doesn't attract any attention. My friends always asks if my favorite color is burnt orange, since I own a lot of burnt orange clothing, but I, in fact, don't like burnt orange very much. My favorite color is actually green and yellow -- fresh and alive! 

I definitely need to go shopping soon! I'm getting shopping withdrawal. 

Friday, June 15, 2012


Photography by: Cory Chen

( Yellow Tribal Romper - Forever21; Jeans - Thrifted; Belt - Target; Heels - NineWest; Necklace - H&M)

My boyfriend and I decided to go visit the India Basin Shoreline Park near Hunter's Point in San Francisco for my photo shoot. It was on our list of 103 Things to Do in SF, so it was killing two birds with one stone! Woot! We're actually trying to do everything on this list together before the summer is over, and we head off to college, but so far it seems pretty impossible! But we will die trying! Anyways, the list said that this place is "known for its sun, birds, stunning views, and fishing dock." It was actually a pretty tranquil place. You hear the waves of the SF bay lapping against the rocks, and you hear the birds chirping in the trees, and even though it was a park, we were the only ones there for a majority of the time. It's a good place to go if you want to go reflect.

Here, I was wearing some high-waisted mom jeans that I thrifted in the Mission District of San Francisco over my yellow tribal romper. My boyfriend and younger sister don't like these jeans very much, but I think they were quite a steal at $16.37!! I was conflicted on whether or not to cut them into shorts, but I think I'll keep them as is so I can where them in the cool climate in London this fall!

And the last picture is of my wonderful boyfriend, the light of my life! Do you like his shirt?? I chose it for him from Urban Outfitters ;)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Crowned Jewels

(Tan Suede Top - H&M; Shorts - Forever21; Tribal Necklace - Forever21; Woven Sandals - UrbanOutfitters; Jeweled Elephant Bangle - Forever21)

Living in San Francisco all my life, I've never actually seen the Golden Gate Bridge up close. It was a really nice day out, so I snuck out of the house to go walk the bridge with my boyfriend and his dog, Kayla. Unfortunately, no animals were allowed on the bridge so we had to stick to walking the trails under the bridge. 

I really liked this outfit. Even though the shorts were super short and my butt cheeks were slightly hanging out, they were flattering nonetheless. High-waisted shorts is my favorite look this summer. There were also gold accents on a couple places in my outfit, which made me feel like an Egyptian princess! And for some reason the sandals added to the earthy Egyptian feeling too!!  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale
(Leggings - Unknown; Corset - RunwayDreamz; Wedges - Jeffrey Campbells; Bangles - MaleneBirger; Studded Wristlet - Versace; Skull Ring - ASOS)

Top 5 on my Wishlist

Top 5 on my Wishlist
( Spiky Flats - Unif; Bustier - TopShop; Sunglasses - Gargyle; T-Strap Flats - See by Chloe)

Pops of Color

Pops of Color

(Sleeveless Top - Ekseption; Bandeau - Net-a-Porter; Wedges - AXParis; Sunglasses - Nasty Gal)

Tea & Crumpets Please

(Jimmy Choo 'Wheel' Slipper - $650)

I pretty much need this in my life. It has sass and edge at the same time, perfect for me to wear while exploring the streets of London, as a NYU study abroad student. Now the issue with the price tag...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sparkling Stripes

Photography by: Emily Yip

(Dress - From my mom's old closet; Necklace - Forever21; Pumps - Aldo)

OKAY! First thing you guys gotta know about me: I LOVE black and white vertical stripes! It could be a bag, pants, a shirt, anything really, as long as it has black and white vertical stripes, I'm sold! I have no idea why I love that pattern though. It's fierce, don't you agree?? 
Second thing: I love high heels, especially chunky heels! I either go big or go home! Anything below 5 inches is just too short for me. It just will not do. I gotta strut the sidewalk like a runway; I gotta turn heads. Tell me what you think in the comments below!
The rustic necklace that I'm wearing is also one of the few treasures I found at Forever21. I never fail to get compliments whenever I wear this necklace. It looks good with tank tops, sweaters, under collars. Everyone should have a favorite necklace. Share me yours!


Photography by: Emily Yip

(Sweater - Forever21; Jeans - Forever21; Belt - Forever21; Boots - UrbanOutfitters; Green Ring- Forever21; Black Ring - Swarovski)

Hey, all you fashion enthusiasts out there! This is one of my more casual looks. I was actually about to catch the bus to go thrift shopping, so I didn't want to attract too much attention. You don't know what kinda crazy fella may be on it! Anyways, as you may or may not tell, I really like adding pops of color like the yellow belt. It just brightens up my whole outfit! I also really like contrasting my colors, like the burnt orange sweater and the olive green acid washed jeans. Sounds pretty tacky, but it's totally me.
Okay okay, I know what you guys may be thinking, this girl really likes shopping at Forever21! However, that is false. Forever21 has trendy clothes for cheap, but they do not last very long, unfortunately, but there ARE some treasures I've bought from there. That green ring is my favorite ring hands down. It is simple, but adds a pop of color to any outfit. You can't go wrong with it! Comment below on what you think! I would love to get some feedback! 

This sweater is actually brand new. I only wore it for the photo shoot. There was a change of plans and I didn't go thrift shopping. If you're interested, I will post a link later on, where you can buy it along with some of my other clothes.