Friday, June 15, 2012


Photography by: Cory Chen

( Yellow Tribal Romper - Forever21; Jeans - Thrifted; Belt - Target; Heels - NineWest; Necklace - H&M)

My boyfriend and I decided to go visit the India Basin Shoreline Park near Hunter's Point in San Francisco for my photo shoot. It was on our list of 103 Things to Do in SF, so it was killing two birds with one stone! Woot! We're actually trying to do everything on this list together before the summer is over, and we head off to college, but so far it seems pretty impossible! But we will die trying! Anyways, the list said that this place is "known for its sun, birds, stunning views, and fishing dock." It was actually a pretty tranquil place. You hear the waves of the SF bay lapping against the rocks, and you hear the birds chirping in the trees, and even though it was a park, we were the only ones there for a majority of the time. It's a good place to go if you want to go reflect.

Here, I was wearing some high-waisted mom jeans that I thrifted in the Mission District of San Francisco over my yellow tribal romper. My boyfriend and younger sister don't like these jeans very much, but I think they were quite a steal at $16.37!! I was conflicted on whether or not to cut them into shorts, but I think I'll keep them as is so I can where them in the cool climate in London this fall!

And the last picture is of my wonderful boyfriend, the light of my life! Do you like his shirt?? I chose it for him from Urban Outfitters ;)


  1. wow you are not only pretty, but also stylish! And there is nothing better than a pretty stylish girl good humored (oh yes, you look like a good humored girl)! Congrats!

    Cri. (

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for the compliment! It made my day! :)

  2. Oh girl, you rock those mom jeans!! Seriously, I think you should keep them as jeans too because they do look really good on you. That 103 Things to Do in SF sounds really cool. I bet there is some fun things on that list! <3


  3. You have the best cat-eye eyeliner the world has ever seen.
    xoxo Belle

  4. That is a great combination and you wear it well. Lovely blog!


  5. Don't listen to your boyfriend and whoever else says they don't like them because they're LOVELY!
    Crop tops are in the air so you should pair it with them, and never let them go.