Monday, June 18, 2012


(Sweater - Forever21; Dress - H&M; Scarf - H&M; Backpack - Fion; Boots - UrbanOutfitters)

So today, my boyfriend, younger sister, and I decided to go visit the De Young Museum so we can check out the Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Exhibit! But guess what? I, of course, messed up, and apparently the museum is closed on Mondays. That was a huge let down because, well, I was so excited to see the FASHION exhibit! So instead, we braved the cold, foggy weather and traversed through the Botanical Garden nearby to look at the turtles. And guess what? The turtles didn't even come up to the surface! They only poked their small heads out of the surface occasionally. Plus, the pond water was so murky that we couldn't see anything else. Either way we crossed "look for turtles in the pond at the San Francisco Botanical Garden" off our 103 Things to Do in SF list! So woot! The best part of my day was probably buying some $10 white circular sunglasses at Crossroad Trading Company! They look pretty cheap but they'll do for now! :) 

Here, I'm wearing something super casual. It's something that I would probably where to school, since it's practical and doesn't attract any attention. My friends always asks if my favorite color is burnt orange, since I own a lot of burnt orange clothing, but I, in fact, don't like burnt orange very much. My favorite color is actually green and yellow -- fresh and alive! 

I definitely need to go shopping soon! I'm getting shopping withdrawal. 


  1. Love the boots. I think it's perfect gear for school and museum going! Burnt orange suits you very well!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through a group I created on IFB for personal style blogs. I'm loving your blog so I've started following you ;)

    You look so cute! Love the jumper (^_^) x

  3. I love this layered look, especially the cozy scarf and the combat boots :) The Botanical Garden looks beautiful, I think I have been there before but i'm not quite sure :/