Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sparkling Stripes

Photography by: Emily Yip

(Dress - From my mom's old closet; Necklace - Forever21; Pumps - Aldo)

OKAY! First thing you guys gotta know about me: I LOVE black and white vertical stripes! It could be a bag, pants, a shirt, anything really, as long as it has black and white vertical stripes, I'm sold! I have no idea why I love that pattern though. It's fierce, don't you agree?? 
Second thing: I love high heels, especially chunky heels! I either go big or go home! Anything below 5 inches is just too short for me. It just will not do. I gotta strut the sidewalk like a runway; I gotta turn heads. Tell me what you think in the comments below!
The rustic necklace that I'm wearing is also one of the few treasures I found at Forever21. I never fail to get compliments whenever I wear this necklace. It looks good with tank tops, sweaters, under collars. Everyone should have a favorite necklace. Share me yours!


  1. The dress is super cute! But don't you think it's a little too short? It would've been nice if you paired it with a leather skirt and a pair of black knee high socks. Love the heels though!

    1. Yea! I wholeheartedly agree that its too short lol. I usually wear some knit stockings with them whenever I wear them out :) Don't worry! Only tried to show off the dress itself for the pictures.

    2. That's good. You have a really nice blog by the way!