Monday, July 30, 2012

Featured Blogger: Rachel Eisen

Name: Rachel Eisen
Blog URL:

1. Where are you from?
I'm from San Francisco, but I go to school in upstate New York.
                                                2. What are 3 words that describe your personality?
Garrulous, overly expressive, honest
                                                          3. What are your interests/hobbies?
I'm kind of low on hobbies these days, I tend to doodle a lot, obviously I blog, but mostly if I'm not hanging out with friends or in my club meetings I'm singing and dancing around my room like a loser.
4. Describe your style.
Depends on my mood and location. Sometimes I'm that average california girl (I have an obsession with crop tops) but other times I wish my entire wardrobe was made by J.Crew.
5. What's your inspiration?
I get a lot of style inspiration from bloggers and the people I see in the street. But also from just shopping, style directors for brands get paid for a reason.
6. How did you get into fashion?
Since I didn't have to wear a uniform I've been shopping non-stop. My brother also went to fashion school, so that probably did something as well.
7. Dream job?
I don't even know! I'd love to work for a magazine where I could travel the world and still get to focus on style and things I enjoy. 
8. Motto in life/ favorite quote?
"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St Augustine
9. Favorite brands?
Forever changing, right now I love Madewell, Wilfred from Aritzia, and Maje.
10. What do you think every girl have to have in their closet?
Navy striped top. I'm such a sucker for those, and they pretty much go with everything.
Like her style? Click here to check out more at Rachel's blog!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY Tie Dye and Ombre-ing with Bleach

Hey guys! So this is my very first DIY post! Yay! This calls for a celebration!! 
So yesterday, I was playing around with bleach with my best friend, Florianne, from kindergarten to eighth grade. We didn't attend the same high school, and sadly we drifted apart, but what's a better way to bond than to spend a whole day revamping our boring old clothes?? Let me answer that, pretty much nothing!! :D 

So what you would need for this project would be: 
- a bucket, large-ish container, a tub or sink, anything to hold your bleach solution in
- bleach
- rubber gloves
- rubber bands
- goggles (optional but recommended)
- clothes!

So here you can see me tying rubber bands around my jeggings. Make sure you scrunch them up really well, and that the rubber bands are tight. 

Here is the rubber-banded creature: 

I recommend bleaching outside or somewhere extremely well-ventilated because of the toxic fumes of the bleach. We chose to bleach in the garage with the garage door open. 
We used a 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water solution, but you can definitely put more bleach in if needed. 
Soak your rubber-banded creature, until it changes to your desired color. (Note: Denim takes a long time to change color.) 

After you get your desired color, rinse the creature out with cold water. Then take off the rubber bands and rinse it again. Throw it in the washing machine by itself. No detergent is needed. Make sure to put it on the cold water cycle. Then throw it in the dryer by itself or with other similar colored clothing that got bleach too. 

Here is Florianne and her newly tie bleached shorts! We didn't use dye or anything, just bleach! :)

And here are my jeggings and ombre-ed tie front tank top! The funny thing is, my tank turned red because my jeggings dripped out orange dye into the solution, which in turn changed my tank to red. That was pretty cool and unexpected :)

Here are some things I saw on my jeggings:
1. Do you see a snake head with a mohawk? It's smiling with it's eyes, and it's mouth is open!
2. Do you see the skull of an alien??
3. Do you see the bear head?
4. And here are two pharaoh-like people! It's slightly creepy.. 

Well, I hope you thought this post was helpful! It's something you must do! It's a great way to save money by reusing old, unwanted clothes and make them like new again! 

Note: Make sure to wear clothes that you don't mind ruining, in case bleach gets splashed onto it. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Digging through Bags

Photography by: Emily Yip
(Black Tank Top - Forever21; Skirt - Vintage; Button-up - Vintage; Belt - Target; Socks - Forever21; Boots - UrbanOutfitters; Bag - Forever21)

So I was cleaning out my closet last last Sunday. There were still like 3 or 4 big garbage bags of junk piled on my closet floor from moving houses like 1.5 years ago, and I told myself, "This is hideous. This needs to leave, so I can safely store my new Unifs and Litas in my closet than randomly on my bedroom floor." Anyways, as I was digging through the bags, and sorting what belonged in the trash/recycling/garage, I stumbled upon this button up shirt! It's pretty faded and loose, but I think I can do a lot of things with this. What do you guys think? Should I leave reinvent this shirt by ombre-ing the bottom or should I leave be?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teen Choice Awards 2012: Pink Carpet Fashion

So the Teen Choice Awards was this past Sunday, and I thought that I would share my opinions of the outfits I saw struttin' down the pink carpet!


1 Taylor Swift never fails to fall into the Best Dressed list. The color is simple, and the dress looks   
    quite conservative from the front, but back is completely bare save for the straps. It's not boring at all;   
    it's sexy and flirty done classily! It's by far my favorite for the whole night!
Carly Rae Jepsen looks so stylish in her cream palm tree blazer and shorts. I love how she's doing    
    her own thing and not wearing a dress like the other girls. I love her blunt bangs and her amazing 
    style which you can check in the "Call Me Maybe" music video! 
Selena Gomez looks so girly here, sort of like a Barbie! I love how simple and modest the dress is.   
    She's not trying to be too sexy, which is a total breath of fresh air! So classy!
4 Lucy Hale is wearing such a classic A-line dress here. I love the bright color and the clean 90 
    degree angle cuts in the front. Easily the top 3 for me of the night! 
5 I fricking love Ellen DeGeneres! She's so funny!! But back to the point, I really like her   
    androgynous outfit. The cuffed bottoms of trousers, the oxfords/chukkas, and the pop of color and 
    the looseness of the belt. It's a cool, relaxed outfit!


So who else thinks that Demi Lovato here looks like Fergie because of the sleek high ponytail and  
     the crazy geometric dress? Maybe Demi should find her own style because Fergie's doesn't fit this   
     former disney star. 
Jojo, here, looks like she's ready to hit the club, not the Teen' Choice Awards. Her outfit looks 
     cheap too! You could probably find a dressier outfit in the sales section of Forever 21!
Debbie Ryan looks terrible here!!! The print is too busy and the length of the dress plus her hairstyle 
     makes her look so motherly. She's nineteen for god's sakes, not fifty.
Rebecca Black is wearing an ill-fitting t-shirt with an equally too-large skirt. Like Jojo, this outfit is 
     not right for the occasion. It looks fine for something to wear every day, but not for the pink carpet.  
Jordan Sparks is not sparkling here, sadly. Bubble skirts were in style ages ago, but she brought it 
     back without shame. It doesn't do her now slimmer figure any good. She should have chosen 
     something more form-fitting, to show off her curves. Also, the pink jewels on her chest are very 
Nikki Reed's dress looks like something that can be seen at Junior Prom. The style is dull and it fits 
     her quite oddly. Her strap heels do not match the dress very well either. =/

Well that's it! What did you think about what you saw struttin' the pink carpet? 

P.S. I also made a video about the Miss USA Pageant gowns last month! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Running Colors

(Fringe Top - Forever21/DIY Fringing; Shorts - Hollister; Loafers - Unif; Sunnies - UrbanOutfitters)

Man was today a productive day or what?? My lovely hubby (not for real) and I traversed mile upon mile through the Mission district, buying a passionfruit milk chocolate donut from Dynamo Donuts, picking out a Mexican pastry at this Mexican bakery, walking through Balmy Alley, where there's the most concentrated collection of murals in the city, ordering my very first ever legit burrito at La Taqueria (school burritos don't count!), and finally having our little picnic at Dolores Park!! We crossed off 4 more things on our List!! Woot! 

So as you can tell, today I wore my Unif Hellraisers! Some of you may ask if the spikes hurt, and here is my answer, I totally cut my left ankle because I wasn't really paying attention to how close my feet were. Yup, it bled! Thank god I was prepared and brought a Sesame Street band-aid!!!! :D It's super cute! 

I felt like such a hippie today! With the fringe shirt and crazy hair/shoes! I sorta like this poofy hair and two pigtails, don't you? It could be a new look for me :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leopard Bows

Photography by: Cory Chen
(Top - WetSeal; Skirt - Forever21; Stockings - Forever21; Heels - Jeffrey Campbells)

The weather in SF the past two days has been pretty dreary. No sunshine at all, so I've been staying home and snuggling in my warm blankets rather than going on my usual adventures around SF. I haven't posted an OOTD for quite a number of days, so I decided to drag myself out of the house for a little bit to take some pics for you guys :) No eyeliner or contacts today. 

Here, you can see me showcasing my darling Litas. Not only are they super comfortable, but you can dress them up and you can dress them down. Sweet!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lithuanian Street Style by Chris Krul

Guest Post by: Chris Krul

Every city has its own life.  We hear a lot about the fashion capitals of the world, but no matter where you are people want to look fashionable. I am from Lithuania and people here love fashion, you know, it is the way to express yourselves. On the first picture, you can see a lovely couple, both of them carry a lovely elegant look suitable for a perfect mid day walk in the city. On the second photo, you can see a girl. Her look is inspired by cultural mixture. At first, you can notice a jeans jacket and heavy brown boots, which together keep a look of modern hippie. Whereas filled coquelicot color dress makes a spark in the outfit and brings it to the next level. Girl from the third picture carries a look, which has already became a classic of modern civilization, but earthy look can always become a part of enjoyable day. Especially, if you want to grab a coffee and read a book in one of the cafes. Man from the fourth picture represents eclecticism in its clothing. Completely different items worn together. Trendy mint sweater, dark jeans, white sunglasses and brown moccasins. Who is against this variable combination?     

Want more? Click here to check out more of Chris Krul's blog.    

Featured on CherryFashion

Hey guys! I just got featured on CherryFashion! You guys should totally check her out. Her blog has something for everyone -- outfit posts, trends, DIYs, beauty how-tos, etc, etc. She's a blog that's definitely worth following =)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tittering with Happiness

I wanted to be all dramatic and end it at "my life is set period," but I wanted you guys to know how happy I was to get these babies!! ^_^ I was grinning like a fool, but then my mom calls me and tells me to return the Unif Hellraisers because they were 1) too crazy 2) a pretty girl like me should dress classier and 3) she was afraid that I would be sued if I accidentally hurt someone. OMG!!! I JUST learned that my Unifs came with a bandaid!!!! That's so cute!!!

Anyways!! I was sad/upset that I couldn't keep my Unifs, but in the end, my mom asked me how much I liked them and I responded, "I wouldn't pay $165 for something I didn't love!!" And not I will proudly flaunt them all around SF! Ha Ha!

At night, I realized that I lost my house keys!! And then my mom told me to go find them or else I'm not allowed to sleep at night, but even then I was like ^_______^ Haha!! I was literally prancing around! Eventually I remembered that I put them in my robe pocket, so I wouldn't lose them! God! The irony!

But yea!! Go invest in these shoes!!! =)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stairs to Heaven

Photography by: Cory Chen
(Blouse - ForeignExchange, Dress - H&M, Purse - Forever21, Sandals - SteveMadden, Necklace - ThingsRemembered, Ring - H&M)

So today, my boyfriend and I walked up all 163 steps of the beautiful Moraga Steps. We taking turns counting as we went up each step -- I would say the odd ones, and my boyfriend would say the even ones. But guess what?? We messed up! Quite predictable really =/ But no worries!! We counted on our way down. This time we were smart and we counted together!! ^_^ One hundred and sixty-three steps, check. 

From there, we went to Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park, where we watched remote control boats go round and round in the water. It was slightly amusing, but nothing too special. It was on our list of things to do, so check! :) 

Finally, I had a lunch date with my girlfriends from cheer (I was cheerleader in high school for 3 years, if you didn't know!). We went to the Kingdom of Dumplings! Then we got gelato at Marco Polo's. God, I love gelato so much! I quite dislike ice cream. It's too creamy and thick for me. Plus, it doesn't have enough fruity flavors for my taste. I'm all about fruity flavors! Hate chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and all that crazy sweet stuff. 

Anyways, I quite liked what I was wearing today. I love the contrast green and red, even my boyfriend thought so!! I bought this bag this past Sunday, and I am completely in love with it. There are these gold circles on the side that sort of look like studs, which makes it look hardcore. And the best part of it? I got it at Forever21 for $27! I guess Forever21 can make cute and durable products sometimes. 

Oh yea!! I also ordered some Jeffrey Campbell Black Distressed Leather Litas and some Black Unif Hellraisers this past Sunday from Solestruck. I was so fucking excited! I was giggling like a fool! I can NOT wait for them to come!! <3

Monday, July 9, 2012

Featured Blogger: Ashley Garner

Name: Ashley Garner

1. Where are you from? 
North Carolina

2. What are 3 words that describe your personality?
Persistent, Juxtaposed, Quirky

3. What are your interests/hobbies? 
Fashion, photography, writing poetry, DIY projects (anything and everything), art, reading whenever I can find the time.

4. Describe your style. 
My style changes day to day, place to place. I am very influenced by my surroundings, the weather of the day, the music I listen to, a dream I might have. But there is always a foundation of whimsical vintage pieces, hard-wear jewelry, high-high heels.

5. What's your inspiration? 

6. How did you get into fashion? 
I used to attend a uniform school so when I entered high school and was able to dress myself I quickly became obsessed and the rest is history. 

7. Dream job? 
Editor-in-chief of Dazed and Confused 

8. Motto in life/ favorite quote? 
"The harder the fall, the higher the bounce." I found that on a fortune cookie.

9. Favorite brands? 
Alexander Wang, Alia, Rodarte, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Mary Katrantzou, Giles Deacon 

10. What do you think every girl have to have in their closet? 
A good white button down shirt and a great pair of sunglasses

Love her style? Check out more at her blog!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Featured Blogger: Kelsey Wilburn

Name: Kelsey Wilburn 

1. Where are you from? 
I am from the Big Island, Hawaii (born and raised though you wouldn't know it from my pale skin). I moved away to attend college and live in Washington state now.

2. What are 3 words that describe your personality?
I am creative, funny, and engaged!

3. What are your interests/hobbies?
I love photography, as you can see from the ridiculous numbers of photos I take for the blog with my friend and co-blogger, CP. I also write poetry and short fiction on occasion. I suppose my cat is my other hobby, he takes up a lot of my time with his big personality and fuzzy charm.

4. Describe your style.
I would call my style casual, and on a good day, classic. I have a dress code at my place of work (usually slacks and pencil skirts and a nice blouse) and so I often stick to clean and classic lines that aren't too revealing. On weekends I wear skirts and waist belts and I love a good pair of embellished flats or braided sandals. Every-day fashion with a little bit of effort.

5. What's your inspiration?
I am inspired by other fashion bloggers and usually boutique's lookbooks for the upcoming seasons. Oh, and I subscribe to quite possibly every single magazine that has ever been printed, so that helps!

6. How did you get into fashion?
I started blogging about fashion after falling in love with a fashion blog with my friend CP. We decided we should catalog our attempt to be more stylish and on-trend and it turned into this blog and burgeoning love of everything fashion. We're hooked on neon right now and anticipate some great styles coming up for fall.

7. Dream job?
I'd love to do just what I am doing with the blog- full time and at home social media and marketing! It would be a dream come true to do social media for a boutique or fashion line and be their blogger as well.

8. Motto in life/ favorite quote?
I don't really live by any mottos! But I do love this A.A. Milne quote: “Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” 

9. Favorite brands?
I wear a lot of Gap, Limited, Loft, and Forever 21, though I'd have to say my dream closet would probably come from an online boutique shop like Ruche and Banana Republic

10. What do you think every girl have to have in their closet?
A black leather motorcyle jacket to spice up any outfit and an LBD that makes her feel absolutely beautiful.

Click here to check out more about Kelsey's blog!

Free People

Photography by: Cory Chen
(Mesh Dress - H&M; Striped Skirt - H&M; Scarf - CottonOn; Thigh Highs - Forever21; Combat Boots - UrbanOutfitters)

Don't you like my new phone case?? I got it for free! How you ask?? So my little sister, who is 12, lost her iPhone 3, and the spoiled little girl she is, she went and got a brand new iPhone 4. I am mighty jealous I must say. I didn't get my first phone until the summer before 9th grade! Anyways, I am going off track! So we're like at the AT&T store and this is what happened…

Sister: -chooses a phone case-
Mom (jokingly): Is it buy one get one free??
AT&T guy: Sure! (looks at me) Go choose one!
Me: I don't believe you!!!! 
AT&T guy: You don't believe me? Fine. (starts walking away)

Mom: Go get one! 

Me: Are you serious?? 
AT&T guy: No! You didn't believe me. I take it back. 
Mom: Go get one!
Me: -grabs the one that I've been tryna convince my sister to get-

Frankly, that made my day!! Now I can show it off when I'm in London Ha Ha! Be jealous!! Plus it's perfect for Olympics season!! <3

As for my outfit…this little outfit was July 4th inspired. I didn't actually wear this outfit to go watch the fireworks because I would freeze my butt off in SF at night. But this is probably what I'd wear if it was warmer :)

I actually wore this outfit below, along with my high school varsity letterman jacket that's red with white leather sleeves. No stars or stripes, but I was red, white, and blue!! Woot!