Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tittering with Happiness

I wanted to be all dramatic and end it at "my life is set period," but I wanted you guys to know how happy I was to get these babies!! ^_^ I was grinning like a fool, but then my mom calls me and tells me to return the Unif Hellraisers because they were 1) too crazy 2) a pretty girl like me should dress classier and 3) she was afraid that I would be sued if I accidentally hurt someone. OMG!!! I JUST learned that my Unifs came with a bandaid!!!! That's so cute!!!

Anyways!! I was sad/upset that I couldn't keep my Unifs, but in the end, my mom asked me how much I liked them and I responded, "I wouldn't pay $165 for something I didn't love!!" And not I will proudly flaunt them all around SF! Ha Ha!

At night, I realized that I lost my house keys!! And then my mom told me to go find them or else I'm not allowed to sleep at night, but even then I was like ^_______^ Haha!! I was literally prancing around! Eventually I remembered that I put them in my robe pocket, so I wouldn't lose them! God! The irony!

But yea!! Go invest in these shoes!!! =)

1 comment:

  1. LOL your mom is so funny!!!
    Anyhow, yeah I gues she has some point there. FUnny they came with bandaids. Do you know that Aldo has some spiky shoes too not as pointy as those so maybe go with those instead to avoid liability;)
    See ya!