Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leopard Bows

Photography by: Cory Chen
(Top - WetSeal; Skirt - Forever21; Stockings - Forever21; Heels - Jeffrey Campbells)

The weather in SF the past two days has been pretty dreary. No sunshine at all, so I've been staying home and snuggling in my warm blankets rather than going on my usual adventures around SF. I haven't posted an OOTD for quite a number of days, so I decided to drag myself out of the house for a little bit to take some pics for you guys :) No eyeliner or contacts today. 

Here, you can see me showcasing my darling Litas. Not only are they super comfortable, but you can dress them up and you can dress them down. Sweet!


  1. love this look!
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  2. Your skirt is so cute, I LOVE the pattern :)

  3. amazing blog! Love your style! Following!