Saturday, July 7, 2012

Free People

Photography by: Cory Chen
(Mesh Dress - H&M; Striped Skirt - H&M; Scarf - CottonOn; Thigh Highs - Forever21; Combat Boots - UrbanOutfitters)

Don't you like my new phone case?? I got it for free! How you ask?? So my little sister, who is 12, lost her iPhone 3, and the spoiled little girl she is, she went and got a brand new iPhone 4. I am mighty jealous I must say. I didn't get my first phone until the summer before 9th grade! Anyways, I am going off track! So we're like at the AT&T store and this is what happened…

Sister: -chooses a phone case-
Mom (jokingly): Is it buy one get one free??
AT&T guy: Sure! (looks at me) Go choose one!
Me: I don't believe you!!!! 
AT&T guy: You don't believe me? Fine. (starts walking away)

Mom: Go get one! 

Me: Are you serious?? 
AT&T guy: No! You didn't believe me. I take it back. 
Mom: Go get one!
Me: -grabs the one that I've been tryna convince my sister to get-

Frankly, that made my day!! Now I can show it off when I'm in London Ha Ha! Be jealous!! Plus it's perfect for Olympics season!! <3

As for my outfit…this little outfit was July 4th inspired. I didn't actually wear this outfit to go watch the fireworks because I would freeze my butt off in SF at night. But this is probably what I'd wear if it was warmer :)

I actually wore this outfit below, along with my high school varsity letterman jacket that's red with white leather sleeves. No stars or stripes, but I was red, white, and blue!! Woot! 

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