Thursday, June 28, 2012

White Tee / Black Skirt Basic

This post is in response to a competition on Joyful Outfits. You should definitely check her out! For someone so young, she really has honed in on great fashion taste! Anyways, for this competition, she wanted to see how we style an outfit with the basic essentials to a closet -- a white T-shirt and a black skirt. 

Just because you are wearing a plain old white tshirt and a simple black skirt, it doesn't have to be boring. This is how I would style my outfit to liven it up. Neon is making a comeback as a trend, and as a bold kind of girl, this is one trend I give the thumbs up for!


  1. I love the jersey!!!I want that!! Your blog It's really nice and your look pretty awsome!!

  2. Really like this outfit. The cardigan would look very cool with the shirt-skirt combo.

  3. Thanks for the comment- yea I think I may need to work with a smaller needle next time :)

    This is a cute thing to do with the basics. Yea. the yellow is definitely a must color with these pink details!

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    God bless

  4. Love the skirt and cardigan

  5. definitely loving the neon pieces

  6. black, white, neon yellow, and pink. perfect!!
    i'm following you via GFC